About Us


What we do at AmaZulu Gaming, LLC

AmaZulu Gaming, LLC is dedicated to several aspects of the gaming community.  Currently, we focus on consulting new/established video game streamers, creating and directing on/offline video game tournaments and building and developing eSport teams. 

Who are we at AmaZulu Gaming, LLC

Billy Williams, Jr.  – Owner

Gaming since 1985, Billy established AmaZulu Gaming, LLC in 2017 to help support himself as a streamer, in addition to those who were seeking help in establishing their own streams. After a year and 4 months of streaming under the Twitch name "OnePoeticGamer", Twitch offered affiliation to Billy and he accepted. Around the same time, he became more involved in creating and directing video game tournaments.  

Since then, he has helped direct tournaments at the DBAP Gaming Challenge, 10th anniversary Carolina Games Summit 2018 and PlayThrough Gaming.  Billy also is the advisor of the Heritage e-Tournament Club at Heritage High that has over 100 members and creates small gaming tournaments on different gaming platforms for high school students.

In his vast amount of spare time, Billy is a dedicated teacher, coach and gamer.