Book Publishing

Welcome to AmaZulu Gaming’s new publishing page! Starting this year, AmaZulu Gaming, LLC will be branching out to help artist create books and podcast. Up first AmaZulu Gaming will feature its owner, Billy Williams, Jr. (OnePoeticGamer) as he introduces his first and second book of poetry entitled Poetic Superhero and The Prelude.

AmaZulu Gaming, LLC will be consulting with future authors and podcasters that need support on completing their projects. Consulting services at this point will be conducted through discord, but initial contact can be made through e-mail or through our “contact us” link on the website. Please feel free to ask questions when contacting us and if it is determined that additional support is needed, a discord link invite will be sent to you.

Billy Williams, Jr’s poetry books can be ordered through the following links:


Barnes and Noble

You can also obtain the eBook version of The Prelude for FREE through the link below:


When you have the time, please review Poetic Superhero through the links below:


Good Reads


Official Press Release