We at AmaZulu Gaming, LLC wish to help beginning and intermediate streamers with their streams.  From obtaining equipment to utilizing different software to integrate into your stream, AmaZulu Gaming wishes to help small time streamers reach the success level that they desire.  

Possible Starting Points for:

Beginning Streamers:

  • Console or Computer
  • Accessories – What Do I Need
  • What Streaming Service Should I Use
  • Fine Tuning your Systems
  • Before Your First Stream – Checklist
  • Stream is Up, What should I Be Doing
  • Social Media, Do I Need It
  • The All Important Schedule
  • How Long Should I Stream

Intermediate Streamers:

  • The Road to Affiliation
  • Small Business Consideration – Sole Proprietor vs LLC
  • Followers vs Subscribers
  • Building Your Community
  • Should You be YouTubing
  • Supporting Other Streamers
  • Let’s Start Thinking of Your Team
  • Why Sticking to Your Schedule is Important
  • The All Important Mod

Streamers under the AmaZulu Gaming, LLC:


Gamer. Streamer. Rager Extraordinary!  Welcome to the world of OnePoeticGamer (OPG).  Gaming since 1985, OPG is the owner of AmaZulu Gaming, LLC.  OPG wishes to make his mark in streaming, by obtaining his goal of becoming partnered on Twitch and building his gaming community into a positive place for all those that love gaming.  You can learn more about OnePoeticGamer by following and/or subscribing to his channel on Twitch at